Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Real Estate: A Good Investment

By Clive Green

There are many kinds of investments in which we can put our money and eventually earn in the future. Most business-minded people would choose investments that can give them not only income but also security. They seek in particular for an investment that possesses the capacity to stay productive over a longer period of time. They don’t just want another investment that can give them a one-time income. There are many kinds of investment that you can choose from. There are investments in banks, stock market, business ventures, real estate and other financial companies. But most people will invest in real estate. Why is it that they are willing to invest in this kind of investment?

Real estate can cost investors a lot of money up front, but it can promise a higher return in the future. One basic characteristic a real estate investment has is that the payment can be amortized for a longer period of time on an installment basis. In this case, the investor will only prepare for a down payment and the remaining amount will be paid on a monthly basis. Aside from that advantage, this kind of investment has the capacity to increase its appraised value up to 10% every year depending on the location and the development of a given investment.

Real estate investment can contribute a lot to the income of an investor. But with this income, there is a corresponding cost to it. As it is said that they higher the return, the higher the cost involved. This kind of real estate investment needs proper maintenance and development in order for it to increase its value over a short period of time. The development cost for this kind of investment can require a higher cash outlay to the owner of a certain property but the fruits of his labor will be abundant.

The investor can earn a large income in the near future as long as he invests proper management into his investment. Aside from the income that the investment can provide, it can also provide the owner security for his investment. Because of its tangible but immovable characteristics, this kind of investment is secure in the hands of the owner. These are the basic things that can make the real estate as a good investment opportunity.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Fraudulent Websites & Potential Pitfalls

Unfortunately, as with any innovative idea come the scammers. Hundreds of "bank property listings" and "government property listings" websites have popped up, claiming to offer direct access to networks where people can purchase these properties. Most charge $50-$75 dollars to browse their listings. But once a customer pays the membership fee they find:

Outdated Listings
Non-Working Pages
Non-Intuitive Navigation
Zero Support or Customer Service

Someone looking to join a website might even find themselves being offered the opportunity to access the "premium homes and property listings" by becoming an "elite" member of this particular service for just $50 more. There are many instances where the websites appeared to exist just to take a consumer's money. In many cases people aren’t even able to contact anyone from the sites.

You really need to do some investigating before joining one of these websites.

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