Friday, April 14, 2006

Fraudulent Websites & Potential Pitfalls

Unfortunately, as with any innovative idea come the scammers. Hundreds of "bank property listings" and "government property listings" websites have popped up, claiming to offer direct access to networks where people can purchase these properties. Most charge $50-$75 dollars to browse their listings. But once a customer pays the membership fee they find:

Outdated Listings
Non-Working Pages
Non-Intuitive Navigation
Zero Support or Customer Service

Someone looking to join a website might even find themselves being offered the opportunity to access the "premium homes and property listings" by becoming an "elite" member of this particular service for just $50 more. There are many instances where the websites appeared to exist just to take a consumer's money. In many cases people aren’t even able to contact anyone from the sites.

You really need to do some investigating before joining one of these websites.

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